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Internet e l'Io diviso. La consapevolezza di sé nel mondo digitale

About Ivo Quartiroli. Ivo Quartiroli. I have been a software programmer, publisher of Italian technology and spirituality books Apogeo and Urra imprints , and computer science book author. Complementing my accomplishments in information processing are explorations in consciousness processing.

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I write books in english and articles for Italian magazines about technology, psychology and spirituality and society. I blog at www. My latest book,"The Digitally Divided Self", intersects media studies, psychology and spirituality. The book exposes the reasons why the mind is obsessed with information. The plan is to expand the number of titles for the English and international market. Since I manage an Italian web magazine on spirituality at www. Books by Ivo Quartiroli.

Sep 17th, by Ivo Quartiroli Permalink. In the new digital millennium it seems that desires are not controlled, yet they are acceptable as long as they are associated with a market product, channeled through and stimulated by the media. The Situationists perceived that in capitalism, emotions become transmuted into market products — and we have to pay up to redeem our emotions. The market, as they saw it, first takes away our real needs for connection and authenticity, then offers a pale reflection of the real — making us always thirsty for a real which will never come.

The need for connection today is expressed through social networks which appear free and democratic. Yes, many Internet services are free of charge, but if we calculate hardware, software, the Internet connection — plus our time and attention — the cost must be reconsidered. The market product now is us. We are being sold as targets to advertisers, according to the contents we view and produce on the Net. Moreover, the Situationists observed that people in our society are programmed to live a life that is merely a representation of a real life.

Through technology, needs have been created in order to sell solutions. Even babies now are deprived of bodily contact — for various reasons. Parents have little time and, even when they are with their kids, their hands and eyes are on their gadgets. There are no longer large or extended families.

Adults are sometimes scared to cuddle kids for fear of accusations of pedophilia. Yet body touch is important for a balanced emotional and neurological life. Oxytocin is a hormone and neurotransmitter. Apart from its well-known role in facilitating childbirth, recent research points to its absence in autism, personality disorders, depression, social phobias, psychosis and sexual disorders.

Oxytocin is released during bodily contact, stimulating a sense of bonding, well-being and social participation. This paints the picture of our situation: first, the real contact is taken away, then to reclaim the emotions bonding a substitute is offered drug — in the form of market products. The need for human connection now feeds a huge industry of mobile phones and social networks. Once the Net becomes indispensable, we buy whatever is required to keep our connection active.

The idea of falling out of the flow is too scary. But then we can buy apps for our iPhone or iPad which provide the same data easily available on the Net.

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  • In Brave New World, every discomfort of old age was abolished. The character remained the same as a year-old. People never stopped to reflect, always busy at pleasure and at work. Whenever a phase of reflection would emerge, the perfect drug — soma — was available in appropriate doses Huxley, All of these militate against the growth of the soul. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure.

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    In short, Orwell feared that what we hate will ruin us. The move of marketing into the digital realm creates an infinite marketplace where needs are replaced by desires. Desires, fed by the mind rather than by finite biological needs like food and shelter, are endless. The digital world, qualitatively closer to the mind and its incessant cravings, is profoundly non-sustainable.

    The Internet, as it replaces TV, is ripe for social control of a class of the population that might start to question the whole system. It promises to be the new soma for a society experiencing economic and environmental decay. Jul 25th, by Franco Del Moro Permalink. Sorry this is a guest post only in Italian. Jul 10th, by Ivo Quartiroli Permalink. In recent years, for various reasons, I have had to pack my books several times moving residences or moving some of them to the basement to occupy less space at home.

    Having thousands of books means lengthy related tasks and heavy boxes to carry.

    If all of my printed books were digitally squeezed into an ebook reader, I would carry minimal weight and could access them wherever I went; I would have my complete library at my fingertips. I could also free some space in my house.

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    Nonetheless, I do not regret having purchased and carried my paper books. Recently, I wanted to try an ebook reader and bought a number of ebooks, especially for traveling. However, I ended up also buying the printed edition, even though this meant carrying they physical books back and forth between Europe and Asia.

    Printed books offer a freedom that is still unsurpassed by digital technology. Now that summer is approaching, I can leave my printed books on the beach without fear that they will be damaged by sand or a ball, or be stolen. Coffee and other liquids can stain a paper book but the book will not be completely damaged. Having a baby around paper books is not a problem. The baby may tear a few pages, stain or step on the book, or use the book as a toy, but the usefulness of the paper book remains.

    Reading a printed book in the sun is easier than reading a screen, despite the best and most impressive advances in screen technology.

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    When electricity will be interrupted because of energy prices, and I cannot recharge my electronic gadgets, my paper books are still available for reading. When the failure of only one electronic component jeopardizes an entire ebook reader, my paper books are still around, even though they may be yellowish, damp, or have torn pages.

    If I cannot afford to upgrade to ever more sophisticated iPads and Kindles, my paper books will not need an upgrade. When the rare earth metals required for electronics are gone, paper books will be cheaper than their electronic counterparts, when considering the price of the hardware.

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    Paper is a highly renewable resource if used with the right criteria. If this happens we are not that far from its occurrence , I will still be able to read my preferred paper books. Prohibited or controversial paper books have always been available, even under the most repressive regimes though with greater difficulty , whereas electronic information can be easily traced and blocked. My printed books simply need to be carried, whereas an electronic reader requires the right lighting conditions, electricity or batteries, cables, and often an Internet connection.

    In this way our experience of the world is structured and appears. Lost in the Current.